Global IT solutions for today’s Energy challenges

Along with the demand for more environmentally favorable sources, global fluctuations, regulatory challenges and data complexities are forcing industry leaders to stay competitive through cost containment and continuous increases in exploration innovation and production.

  • Collaboration
  • Customer Service Offerings
  • Social Productivity
  • Any Device
  • On-Premise/Cloud
  • Customer Activity Tracking
  • Demand Response Campaigns
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Solutions
  • Touch Point Applications
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Business Analytics
  • Self Service Insights
  • Program Management
  • Legacy System Upgrades
  • Lower IT Spend
  • Leverage Existing IT Investment
  • Infrastructure Modernization

The vast array of data streams and information silos enhance the need to be agile and assimilate information in near-time/real time just to stay current and relevant.

Energy demands are ever increasing…the average US household uses ~1000 kWhr of electricity per month; that’s 12,000 kWhr in one year!

Virtualization, data modeling, and analytics are critical components in the day to day dissemination of information. Consumer demands, market changes, and stockholder expectations require a new way of doing business as massive amounts of complex and diverse data need to be integrated, assimilated, analyzed and displayed in a way that promotes quick decision making processes with accuracy and efficiency.

Reducing risk and unpredictability in this volatile global market require assessment of detection patterns and risk mitigation, through altering mechanisms and escalations with workflows and triggers, saving valuable time and valued resources.

At Saigan Technologies, we understand the challenges and constraints of the Energy industry, with increasing regulatory, cost containment, and resource challenges. We provide the know how to leverage your existing investment in technology and the thought leadership to optimize emerging technology trends and uses.

With remote monitoring and management of information, accuracy and speed to value, critical components are streamlined through processes improvements and employee productivity with on demand tools and access.

With saigan Tech’s Global Reach, Technologies, & Resources we are making “A World of Difference”. Contact us today.

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