Modern Technology Infrastructure

New technologies for innovation, portfolio management and client retention require Next Generations Capabilities (NGC). No longer operating in silos and struggling with an integrated view of the customer, we offer tools that engage and personalize the banking experience.

  • Device Management
  • Omni-Channel Delivery
  • Business Apps
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Data Monetization
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Cross selling & Retention
  • Data Cleansing and Analytics
  • Enterprise Delivery
  • Collaboration
  • Enterprise Social
  • Unified Communications
  • Knowledge management
  • Preventative Analytics
  • Risk Compilations
  • Bid Data Solutions
  • Data Analysis

With smartphones dominating the landscape of Bring Your own Device (BYoD) ready technologies, consumers are demanding more convenient, interactive, and user friendly ways to transact. Staying cost competitive while keeping up with the ever changing regulatory compliance complexities, risk mitigation challenges, and cost containment measures is high on the priority radar for executives of financial institutions, forcing a cross functional approach to technologies, resources, regulation and consumer drive.

Sustainable growth and strategic transformation for Financial Institutions requires a new way of thinking about people, process and technologies…simultaneously. Business Intelligence (BI) tools and Executive Dashboards allow for quicker and easier access, reporting, analysis and dissemination of data. Become a high tech organization without the Fin Tech headaches of R&D, Q&A Testing, and ongoing application development, so you can focus on your bottom line…. financial growth and operational excellence.

At Saigan Technologies, we provide application development tools like new account opening, portfolio management, records management and workflow processing, helping you streamline the entire client engagement process.

With the people, technologies and global reach needed to help you stay competitive and relevant, Saigan makes “A World of Difference.” Contact us today.

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