Ensuring Security in an e-Ready Environment

E-government solutions are dominating the IT landscape as the new technology trend in public sector initiatives.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Legacy Consolidation
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Secure Mobile Content
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • 311 Service Center
  • Public Records Tracker
  • Task Management
  • Policy Management
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance
  • High Availability
  • Security Protection
  • Emergency Collaboration
  • Correction Solutions
  • Intelligent Servicess
  • Case Management

With reductions in IT spending and the push for increases in efficiencies, e-government and internet based applications are becoming essential tools for constituents, officials, executives and the information workers that support the e-government applications and services.

While there is a digital divide between those with internet access in developing communities and those in more affluent communities, the increase of digital devices globally has outpaced all other technology advances on the planet – with more mobile devices per person than wash room facilities!

The incredible push for e-Government applications and services, coupled with global anytime, anywhere access, opens vast new opportunities; in social engagement, community involvement, reductions in emergency calls with advances in 311 technology and a richer, more cost effective way to communicate and share information.

Along with these amazing advances in ease of use and access, come real world risks in security and compliance. Balancing an e-readiness culture with the challenges of Big Data, Governance, Process automation, and Compliance with cost containment initiatives, requires an IT partner with vision, talent, experience and the thought leadership and transparency that you can trust.

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