What is impacting 21st century manufacturing and distribution around the globe?

It’s a business transformation ecosystem that encompasses manufacturing, distribution and retail, causing a pivotal shift in time to market, the rising mobile and internet economies, and overall consumer expectations.

  • Unified Views
  • Social Networks
  • Customer Insights
  • Product Performance
  • End-To-End Collaboration
  • BI Analytics
  • Engineering Productivity
  • LOB Applications
  • Operations Management
  • Speed-To-Market
  • Customer Engagement
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Collaboration
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Interactive Analytics
  • Big Data Management
  • On-Prem, Cloud & Hybrid Solutions
  • Reporting & Visualization

Advances in technology, labor demographics, and consumer demand require speed to value and a need to stay economically viable as manufacturers accelerate production cycles and distributors shorten delivery times. As retailers sell products faster and at competitive prices, a ripple effect is sent down the supply chain.

The change in business models to meet the consumer demands and increase profits pose tangible challenges to the IT infrastructure of manufacturing and distribution industry segments. With a renewed focus on engineering and science, the manufacturing workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and highly technical.

Social media will continue to be a significant driver of change, as today’s consumers are more informed and expect on demand purchasing with all competitive product information at their fingertips. Manufactures must stay current and relevant with speed to market, requiring plant, equipment, and technology innovations. Off-shore and near-shore options remain viable, with the challenges of shipping, stocking, and replenishing continuing to impact operations and the bottom line.

Saigan Technologies understand the challenges facing today manufacturing and distribution organizations and provides the thought leadership, industry know how, and expertise needed to stay competitive, compliant and cost effective through IT innovation.

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