Who you want, when you want, and how you want them…

Today’s global economy requires a responsive and customized resource management approach to maximize efficiencies and minimize overhead.

If your company experiences frequent resource fluctuations, this is the perfect solution for you. When projects begin to ramp up, our Contingent Staffing Services are there to supplement your needs. As projects are completed and scaled down, we handle the discontinuation of existing contracts with no client intervention needed, allowing you to maintain your focus on core business objectives.
We agree on an hourly bill rate and an expected duration of the contract. Saigan handles all human resource functions including payroll generation and distribution, payroll tax withholding, state and federal reporting requirements and employer related insurance administration.
Contract to Hire services are very similar to our Contingent Staffing Services with the exception that it is usually the intention of the company to hire the Saigan consultant at some point in the future. Our Contract to Hire services provide the ability, through our client Resource Engagement Process (REP) to monitor the work performance of a consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment.
We agree on an hourly bill rate for the contract period, the date the consultant will be converted to a regular employee of the company, a minimum number of hours the Consultant will work as a Saigan consultant prior to conversion, and/or a conversion fee, once the consultant is actually converted to regular employee status with your company.
We also monitor the success of the consultant, through our Saigan (REP) methodology to insure a high quality experience and provide you with the highest skilled talent in the industry.
Our Permanent Placement services are a perfect solution for companies that need personnel resources internally but may lack the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal candidates. Our Permanent Placement division can help find the top performers who are gainfully employed at their current company and not actively seeking to change jobs, and ones in transition at the opportune time for negotiations.
We are able to recruit the right candidates for you by selling them on the benefits of working for your company. This gives your company the ability to immediately hire Saigan consultants as internal employees. With this program, Saigan and your company agree on the terms of the placement, which typically includes the fee percentage and a guarantee provision, should the consultant not work out.

Gone are the days of old school recruiting, on boarding, training and turnover management. The ability to rapidly respond to fluctuations in today’s ever-changing business environment is critical to operating an efficient and profitable organization.

No more “bench-warmers” with rigidity tenure draining your bottom line. From Core/Flex Teams, to our Center of Excellence (CoE) Support Service Options, to Staffing Services, we custom fit your resource management needs with relevant talent, agile and ready to hit the ground running. When your project completes, resources needs change, or a new skill set is required, we handle all the related conversations and paperwork, keeping you focused on what you do best…running your business.

That’s how Saigan makes “A World of Difference”

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